6ix9ine Out Koz Takeshi B. Free

Aight peeps, I’m gonna be stupid real with ya’ll for three or jive sentences.

Takeshi 69 is free of all charges.

He dodged a bullet, a legal one. Now he might be dodging real bullets, but thine digress. The crux of many a convo on the social media scape is that 6ix9ine is a lil’ snitch. They sayin’ he got off by being a tattle tale on his homies. Well, while Takeshi undoubtedly got involved in shady, shady business, with some shady mofos…the other reality is the folks he turned on were recorded saying they wanted to take him out (and not to din-din at a vibin’ new food truck). We thinx loyalty shmoyalty at that point.

Jus sayin’…

Anywaze, we just got some footage of the sik nina‘s walk out into freedom.

(Hidden message…Peep the System. Break the Code)

Update: You can see what actually went down in the new 6ix9ine Documentary on Hulu.



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