6 smart ways to deal with rudeness.

Rude people are out there.

It’s an unfortunate fact, but it’s a fact. And at some point in your life you are going to be confronted (or witness) toxic behaviour. How you deal with that rudeness though, it’s a choice. 

Here are some tips to handle it without letting them give you a headache.


  • Stop the spiral of rudeness


Rude behaviour can spread like a highly contagious STD if you are not cautious… That’s because a negative action can easily trigger a negative reaction and then the domino chain is on full speed and the more reactions you add, the more difficult is to stop. Let’s say an example, a rude driver honks at you on your way to work. Then you take that anger into your job and find yourself snapping at your co-workers for nothing which causes them to snap at someone else later on. 

The good news is that you have the power to stop that cycle. It can end with you. 


  • Don’t take rudeness personally


This is a hard one. When someone is rude to you, you immediately thing “what have I done to this person to be mistreated like this?” when the truth is that it has little if not nothing to do with you. Maybe the person who just confronted you is going through a divorce, chronic pain, or has just been fired. So the best antidote for that is to have some empathy. Remind yourself that people have battles you know nothing about so, just remind yourself that they must be going through some bad things in order to act like this. It’s not you, it’s them.


  • Be like Gandhi, kill them with kindness


It’s extremely hard being nice to someone who just insulted you. But it’s possible. The best way to deal with a rude person is with a wide, bright smile. That usually disarms anybody. If this doesn’t work, you can take pride in knowing that you didn’t lower your standards or add your own rude behavior to the mix. 


  • It’s their karma, not yours.


If you don’t believe in Karma, then believe in quantum physics. Whatever you put out there, will come back to you. So if you don’t want chaos in your life, when someone is rude, don’t respond with more rudeness, you don’t want that energy getting back to you. Just think “it’s on them, not on me” and move on. 


  • Call the person out on his/her behavior


Being nice and not engaging in a reactive behavior, doesn’t mean you should be a human punching bag. Tell them in an assertive way that you don’t appreciate the way they are talking to you and that you won’t take any abuse from them. Sometimes abusive people don’t realize they are being abusive until you tell them. 


  • Avoid the rude person


If anything else fails, sometimes walking away is the best and only solution. You are not a human sacrifice and you should not take that negative energy in you. Also by avoiding them, you give them fewer targets to lash out at. If everyone around them starts doing the same, perhaps it will be a wake-up call. And if not, it will at least help everyone else have a better day.



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