children reading in a forest
children reading in a forest

6 Books You’re Guaranteed to Love!

One of the bright sides of being in a quarantine at home is that you finally have time to read. And I’m not saying reading from your phone (that doesn’t count, ok?) but to read an actual book. Since the list of books out there can be overwhelming, let me give you a few books to start with. Here you are my 6 all time favorites:

1) A Minute to Midnight by David Baldacci is a #1 New York Times Best Seller that will keep you at the edge of your seat from page one. It’s a crime story in which a female FBI agent comes back to her hometown in Georgia to find closure for her twin sister’s abduction 30 years ago – only to encounter a serial killer committing ritualistic crimes everywhere she goes, making the connection between the two crimes evident. The only difference is that Atlee is not a scared little girl anymore, but a tough and accomplished FBI agent capable of doing anything in her power to find who is behind these crimes.

2) The Guardians by John Grisham is far from being a Marvel movie – The Guardians follows Cullen Post, a lawyer and a priest, who works at a non-profit organization that fights wrongful convictions around the country. One day he gets an interesting letter from an inmate who has been sent to prison for life after being convicted of a murder with no witnesses nor any kind of motive. Cullen, in his attempt to prove his client innocent, will run full speed into a very dangerous case without even realizing it.

3) The Shadow of the Wind (Spanish: La sombra del viento) is a 2001 novel written by Spanish writer Carlos Ruiz Zafón – it is also a worldwide bestseller and one of my all-time favorite novels! If you haven’t read it yet, do yourself a favor and get lost in this gothic, post-war tale of Barcelona through the eyes of Daniel Sempere, the son of a small book store owner. His father one day takes him to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books and tells him to pick one book to take home with him. Little does Daniel know, the book he picks will change his life forever, involving him in a real-life mystery with unexpected plot twists and extreme consequences.

4) No Way To Kill a Lady by Nancy Martin is probably my favorite novel from the Blackbird Sisters mystery series. Winner of the 2009 Lifetime Achievement award for mystery writing from Romantic Times magazine, this is the story of three heiresses whose parents have run off with their trust funds leaving them with just a royal last name – until the sisters’ great aunt, Madeleine Blackbird, dies unexpectedly leaving the sisters a fabulous country estate worth millions. But, when the Blackbird sisters show up to claim their windfall, they find that the mansion has been hiding a grisly secret: the body of a woman who died there many years ago.  All the evidence points to a high society murder that they will now have to solve. Full of humor and mystery, this novel will entertain you until the very last page.

5) My (underground) American Dream: My True Story as an Undocumented Immigrant Who Became a Wall Street Executive is an autobiographical novel by Julissa Arce. It presents a true view of the immigration situation in the USA that you won’t get from the news. It not only is an interesting story, it is a must-read to better understand the current administration in power. The story follows Julissa Arce, a Mexican girl who was brought to this country by her hardworking parents as a child. Arce quickly becomes a scholarship winner, an honors college graduate and soon enough, a young woman who climbed the ladder to become a vice-president at Goldman Sachs. To the outside world, she had achieved the “American Dream,” but she had a burden on her shoulders that prevented her from enjoying her accomplishments to the fullest; she had secretly been living as an undocumented immigrant. In this book you realize that the so-called American Dream has a cost for everybody, but for immigrants that cost is way higher – as well as the sacrifices they have to make to achieve it. A great book written by a great woman!

6) American Like Me by America Ferrera is a book by award-winning actress, America Ferrera, who has always felt wholly American – and yet, her identity is inextricably linked to her parents’ homeland and her Hondureña culture. Speaking Spanish at home, having Saturday morning Salsa dance parties in the kitchen, and eating tamales alongside apple pie at Christmas…she always yearned to see that identity reflected in the larger American narrative. Now, in American Like Me, America invites 31 of her friends, peers, and heroes to share their stories about life between cultures. The full cast of contributors includes: America Ferrera, Bambadjan Bamba, Joy Cho, Auli’I Cravalho, Tim Chiou, Janina Edwards, Jennifer Ikeda, Lameece Issaq, Eugene Kim, Jennifer Lim, Sunil Malhotra, Ramón De Ocampo, Roxana Ortega, Geena Rocero, Martin Sensmeier, Heather Alicia Simms, Neela Vaswani, and Tanaya Winder.

I hope you enjoy these incredible books! And if you’re more of a movie person, check out 5 great sci-fi movies that never get old.



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