5 signs the guy you are dating might be the one.

When dating, we always want to know, the earlier the better if the guy we are seeing it’s worth our time and energy. Here you are 5 signs the guy you are dating might be the one, or at least worth a shot:

1) You don’t have an immediate attraction but you are very comfortable with him.

Hollywood might have sold you on the idea of love at first sight and if you don’t have 100 butterflies in your stomach 5 minutes after meeting him, move on. But the truth is, that not having those butterflies immediately, is a very good sign. Because good things in life, take their time. Too much and too soon of high voltage chemistry will most likely lead you to a short circuit. As my dad used to say “las cosas de palacio, van despacio”. Or in other words, love and other good things in life, take time. (use the gif below)

2) He makes the effort to accommodate his agenda to spend time with you.

The “I really like you, is just that I don’t have time” is pure BS. Look, we are all busy here hustling, ok?. But if he is really into you, he would move mountains and meetings to see you.  So if he doesn’t and he only sees you when it’s convenient for him, then he is treating you like an option not like a priority, and that’s a deal breaker. On the other side, if he is not flaky and you see him making the effort to see you besides his busy schedule and the horrible LA traffic, take note, because that’s a really good sign.

3) He neither talks s*** about his previous girlfriends nor he is best friends with them still.

The two extremes are equally iffy. A guy who blames all the things that didn’t work out on somebody else, is a red flag of the size of the White House. It means that you have a 5 year old narcissist in front of you, because come on, it takes two to tango, we all know that. He probably did something wrong too, and accepting that it’s actually a sign that he is mature enough to recognize his flaws and mistakes.

On the other hand, if he is best friends with his ex, watch out. I once knew a guy who remained such good friends with his exes that 10 of them showed up to his birthday party. I’m all for positive energy, but that was just plain weird. Specially for the new poor girlfriend. Remaining friends with your exes not only causes friction with new relationships, but also prevents you from fully realizing your relationship mistakes. He needs to cut those ties for a while to heal that wound. And maybe down the road his ex would become a friendly acquaintance.

4) He’s as polite to the server in the restaurant or the valet guy as he is to you.

A person who is nice to someone who he can’t benefit from, it’s a genuine nice guy, if not, he is just an asshole in disguise. If you notice the guy you are dating is extremely nice to his boss or clients but ruthless to his assistant or maid, he is not a keeper. He is probably with you because it’s beneficial for him at some level but if that changes for some reason, so will his love for you.

5) He respects his mother or mother figure.

This might sound like a cliche, but if he doesn’t respect the woman who raised him, forget that he is going to respect someone who just entered his life. I once dated a guy who started yelling at his mother at a restaurant and sure enough, a few months later, he started screaming at me when things didn’t go his way. So if he is attentive to his parents, that’s a plus.




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