Jennifer Lopez putting on lipstick
Jennifer Lopez putting on lipstick

5 Brilliant Latina beauty hacks

There’s so much power in embracing our heritage and roots- especially in our Cultura Latina.

And as they said, “Mother knows best”, and now I say Grandmothers and Ancestors know even better- not for nothing a celebration such as “Día de Los Muertos” was created. I would like to share with all the ladies who belong to the Latinx community, 5 brilliant beauty hacks we have learned from our madres and abuelas for generations.

1) Use garlic and clear nail polish.

Take a garlic clove, smash it, and put it into the clear polish (a strengthening one works best). Apply it as a base coat a few times a week and it works wonders for making nails longer and stronger. De nada.

2) Use mayo on your hair to keep your hair hydrated and frizz-free when it’s more dry than usual.

Your hair will feel smooth and nourished instantly. Also, don’t hesitate in using it as a quick fix when your usual hair product runs out.

3) Do you know about “TUBI”?

It is a Dominican hairstyle wrap for your fresh blow-dried (place your hair into a ‘redecilla’ so that it lasts for an entire week). The technique’s ability to keep your hair straight and silky, it’s real.  Feel free to confirm it in the Youtube video below.

4) When shaving cream runs out, use your hair conditioner or even your body cream.

Funny thing, it makes up for an easier shave and leaves skin incredibly smooth. No hay problema.

5) Use baby powder and lemon on your armpits to reduce sweat.

It even works as a replacement from your usual deodorant. Nada mejor que algo homemade.

  1. We must not forget these brilliant tips in our daily life and we MUST keep sharing them with generations to come. Claro que si.




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