49ers Add Zoë to Roster, the NFL’s First Emotional Support Dog

The San Francisco 49ers have added the NFL’s first emotional support dog to its roster. The one-year-old French bulldog is now stationed on hand at Levi’s Stadium to console members of the 49ers any time, before and after games. The dog, named Zoe, was brought on to improve the mental health of both players and staff.

“Zoë’s talents are many,” CBS reported, “they include an irresistible charm, the ability to carry a ball quite a long distance without fumbling, an uncanny technique of relaxing her big teammates, and an Instagram account that features many famous Niners cuddling with her.”

Maybe we can borrow her for the offseason to hang out here at LATV. We all need emotional support around here for one reason or another…

How do you get emotional support?  Let us know in the comments below.



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