Carlos Diaz, boy genius, smiling
Carlos Diaz, boy genius, smiling

14 Year Old Mexican Boy Genius!

When asked if he considered himself a genius, Carlos Santamaría Díaz shook his head, laughed and said, “I don’t like to use that word.”

But the truth is, the kid is definitely a genius. Born and raised in western Guadalajara, Carlos basically taught himself calculus and physics, all online, because he was BORED with his elementary school work…(said no kid ever).

Check out this quick timeline of his young life so far:

9 years old – He received a diploma in Analytical Chemistry at the UNAM Faculty of Chemistry.
10 years old – Not only did he gain his elementary and middle school certificates at Mexico’s Public Education (SEP) Institute of Adult Education, Carlos also participated in his first semester of Genomic Sciences at the UNAM’s Center of Genomic Sciences in Cuernavaca.
11 years old – Completed his high school degree online and became the youngest person to ever apply to National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).
12 years old – Carlos was accepted to and began studying Biomedical Physics at UNAM.

Now at the age of 14, Carlos has been awarded a 90% scholarship and will be part of a generation that includes only 30 Biomedical Engineering students at the Anáhuac Mayab University, located in Mérida, Yucatán. He is of course the youngest person to ever be accepted into a program at this university.

Carlos Diaz smiling

Carlos has big dreams and high hopes. He currently projects to have a postgraduate degree by the age of 19 and is working on developing a video game. He’s looking forward to meeting new people at his new school and says he can’t wait to get out into the working world!

That’s cute, but slow down bud… it gets real once you have to start paying bills – LOL! In the meantime, we are rooting for you Carlos! We can’t wait to see what you do in life!

While we’re on the topic of intelligent children, it seems like Mexico is a hub for super smart kids…check out this girl genius straight out of Veracruz!



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