corgis wearing medical masks
corgis wearing medical masks

13 Quarantine Kings and Queens

Now several weeks into self-quarantine, millions of Americans are online expressing their symptoms of cabin fever. Lucky for us, everyone’s simultaneous descent into madness is…pretty entertaining! Here’s a timeline told through videos on social media:

This dude has been having some quirky quarantine events since self-quarantine started!

People now have more time to spend with their pets 🙂

…and their neighbors’ pets.

When you can’t see your friends, build new ones.

New sports are being created!

How about a game of rooftop bingo in Spain?

This guy couldn’t take it anymore…

Neither could this guy…

Hosting Sailor Moon fashion shows for one!

Fashion is also evolving…

NFL players finding new ways to cook:

When going to the fridge is too much…

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen from quarantine? Tell us in the comments below! Also, now might be a good time to start meditating…

How to Start a Meditation Practice





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