11 Year Old Girl Wins 3 Golds Wearing Homemade “Custom” Shoes

11 year old Rhea Bullos from the Balasan municipality of  Iloilo in the Phillipines in our new hero athlete. Not only did she win 3 gold medals, but she won them with style! Just like Gabriela Leon Gutierrez Coronavirus fighting hero Latina scientist, she’s an accomplished genius making our community proud! Check out this viral story about her going viral where she sports her custom Nikes right here. 

She won gold medals for  the 400m, 800m Elem, and 1500m races.
Predirick B. Valenzuela, shared the images on social media that have made their way around the world of the “custom shoes” Rhea used to win her trophies.

Here is the video of the local news broadcast covering this bright young athlete.






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